El Matador Beach

El Matador Beach is one of 3 cliff beaches collectively known as the Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach.  This is the first of these beaches located just North of Broad Beach Road on Pacific Coast Highway.   The parking lot is small, so get there early – it is $8 to park.  You will have a hike down to the beach from the lot, so bring only what you can carry and make sure you are fit enough to do the hike back up to the parking lot.  It is not a “swimming” beach as it is very rocky and there is a lot of kelp in the water here.  The restrooms are port a potties – you have been warned… With all of the bad points about this beach out of the way, I hope I have scared you off so I can keep this beach to myself!  It is a beautiful beach sanctuary with tide pools and big, rocky caves to explore –  really great rock formations if you want to climb. Cool sea life and birds and gorgeous sunsets.  There is free parking on PCH, but read the signs carefully to avoid getting a ticket.  Come at Low Tide to explore the caves safely.  Enjoy!

9/5/2015 – Update to this post: Just wanted to put pics to show off this beautiful beach.    Parking is still $8.00 or free on PCH.


El Matador Steps down to beach


El Matador View


El Matador Parking Lot  

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Point Dume Beach

Another favorite beach, Point Dume.  Just past the entrance to Zuma.  A little different because this beach has some serious bluffs right on the sandy beach and there are some rocky areas that pop out of the sand that look like lava rock with shellfish attached.  The beach is long and wide and nice to walk along – my kinda beach.  I’ve seen people climbing on with ropes on the bluffs… like a rock climbing class.  Pretty sweet location for it!  Lots of neat hiking trails to get a birds eye view of the beach from the bluff.  Tide pools on the other side.  Just another pretty place in Malibu! 🙂 Here are a couple of pics from my last visit. A good resource that I found for checking out other beaches around Malibu is southerncaliforniabeaches.org.

Point Dume from the Bluff

Point Dume from the Bluff

Point Dume Walking on the Beach

Point Dume Walking on the Beach


View of Ocean and Sea Lions from a viewing spot along Pt Dume hiking trails

View of Ocean and Sea Lions from a viewing spot along Pt Dume hiking trails

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The Sunset

A great restaurant at the end of Westward Beach Road (where Free Zuma is located).  Killer views of the beach from the giant windows in the building.  Casual atmosphere and laid back furnishings.  You can valet your car or try to park along Westward Beach Road for free.  The prices are definitely beach prices – Fish tacos for lunch are $15 & Sunset clam Chowder is $9.  But if you are looking for great dining and beach views in Malibu, you can’t beat this place.  Check out their New Year’s Eve menu, if you want to ring in the new year on the beach!

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Adamson House & Malibu Lagoon Museum

The Adamson House & Malibu Lagoon Museum near Surfrider Beach in Malibu is a great place to learn about the history of Malibu.  The Museum Grounds are open from 8 am until sunset, but the Adamson House is only open from 11 am – 3 pm Wed – Sat..  The property  has stunning fountains and a spectacular view of the Lagoon and the ocean.  The garden is also a beautiful place to walk or have a seat on the benches and enjoy the Malibu breezes next to the ocean.   Every room in the House has tiles from Malibu Potteries and has a very Spanish feel to it.  The museum features the history of the Malibu area from the Chumash Indians time to the times of ranching to the time when surfing came to Malibu.

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Surfrider Beach

Right next to the Malibu Pier and it curves around towards the Adamson House.  Three Points to surf: First and Second Points are for long boards and Third Point is for Short boards.  Great spot to kick back in the sand and watch the surfers paddle out or get out there yourself with your wetsuit, board, and booties!  Pier parking is like $15 or park on PCH for free.  It’s a pretty great place to sit back and enjoy the weather and go for a swim closer to the pier.  I caught a pic kind of showing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd points from left to right.  Not very great surf, but it was a great day in Malibu at Surf Rider!

surf rider

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Malibu Farm

The restaurant at the end of Malibu Pier.  The menu is full of organic, healthy items like Kale Apple Juice, multi-grain pancakes, and a salmon sandwich.  They also have cooked up some yummy dishes like a Fried Egg sandwich (Fresh Farm Eggs) or a Beef Burger (Grass Fed Beef) and of course, there is the Chocolate Cake for dessert.  It is very popular so the wait to get seated is not pleasant.  But dining at the end of the Malibu Pier with ocean views is very pleasant.  Be aware, like the Malibu Pier Restaurant that you pass on the way out to the end of the pier, the prices are high – but organic food is always more expensive anyway.

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Charmlee Wilderness Park

This park has some hiking trails way up on the bluffs above the ocean in Malibu.  You are actually above the beaches of La Piedra and El Pescador…. way above.   The park is on Encinal Canyon Road and parking in the dirt lot is $4.  The trails are largely uncovered, so unless you go in the early morning when there is usually cloud cover, bring sun protection and a hat and dress like you were going for a desert hike because these trails get hot!  I went in the late afternoon and what a cooker!  Even in shorts and a t shirt.  Still, a pretty nice place to hike and the cliff views of the Malibu area are totally worth it.

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Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar

A great place to eat with indoor and outdoor seating right at the Pier’s entrance.  The outdoor area is right on the water with great views and sitting under one of the umbrella shaded tables in the late, lazy afternoon in Malibu is just perfect.  The food is pretty pricey – that’s the only downside, so brace yourself when you see the menu and your check.   The place was under construction for a long time getting a “face lift” so to speak and it just reopened this summer under new management.  So, if you are looking for a place to enjoy crab cakes, shrimp corn dogs, or oysters and a Mojito or other fine drink, you can’t beat it.

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Dukes Malibu

Ahhh.  Dukes on the beach at Las Flores and PCH.  Named for Duke Kahanamoku – ahh, a gentleman from another one of my favorite places on earth, O’ahu, Hawai’i.  If you ever get to Honolulu, his statue is adorned with leis and is located along Kalakaua Boulevard near Waikiki Beach.  Gorgeous view – his statue… but back to Cali… One of the well known restaurants in Malibu and one of my faves.  Great fish tacos and view!  Sandwiches are really delicious, too.  Valet is mandatory – no bueno, but I deal with it.  It is a bit pricey and there can be a verrrryyy long wait on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but after all, it is Malibu.  Ha, it’s less expensive than Dukes Waikiki!   Oh, the Barefoot Bar is not actually on the sandy beach, sadly,  but you have a nice view.  Heated outdoor patio at the bar, ocean sunset views with sea gulls.  What more could you ask for?

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Zuma Beach

One of my favorite beaches to visit.  Just a great white sandy beach with beautiful breezes and surf.  Lots of parking available and free parking along PCH.  I love walking along this ridiculously long stretch of beach barefoot where the water meets the shore.  There is a lagoon at the east end of the beach, towards Point Dume – another great beach, but for another post!  Also, the Trancas Marketplace across from Zuma Beach at the West end recently reopened the grocery store within the center – Vintage Grocers is a pricey but convenient place to pick up food and drinks for a day at the beach!


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